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Primary Care Doctor Selection

When you start a family and settle down or better yet starting out on life on your own a very important relationship you need to build and foster is with your primary care doctor. This would the first person you call in a medical emergency. He or she will obviously learn more about your an your family and their health situations over time and become very close to the family.  So it is important that you pick the right person as she or he will be in and out of your home frequently.

When your doctor knows intimate details about you and your family members, chances are that he or she is able to treat you better and faster. There will be family medical histories that he will know about and the medications you are currently on, making it easier for him to treat you. But the success of this relationship depends on how well you select the doctor. So let’s look at what to consider.

  • Location of practice: in your search, it is important to find a professional that is closer to you and your home. If you have to travel very far it will be useless. Having the care facility close by means you will more likely see him often for your appointment as well? A person that offers after hours available services is also beneficial, because you never know when you will need medical assistance.
  • Shop around: getting a recommendation from friends and family is a great way to start your search. Reading up on them and reviews from other patients is also a great way to start. But simply because they have all the skills and they served your friend well does not mean that she or she will work for you. So you need to try the doctor out and see for yourself too.
  • Medical coverage: check with your doctor about the medical coverage they accept. It is also important to check with your insurance coverage how and what they cover and are thorough with it before settling on a doctor.
  • Mystery shop: just like in anything else, you need to check how well the doctor and their support staff respond to you so make a mystery shop visit or give a call to ascertain their level of service towards a new potential client.
  • Service and convenience: taking medical care means putting appointment, doing medical tests and collecting reports. So make sure the care provider has a system in place to offer a convenient service that matches your needs.

These are some of the things to consider, of course it all comes down to how well you get along as doctor and patient too. So take your time in making the right choice as it will be a long term relationship.

Nidia Tetrault