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Important things to remember to reduce your risk of getting cancer

Year after year, various cancer cases are continuously increasing as our scientists work extra hard to discover more non-invasive and affordable ways to beat and totally cure cancer.  The form of cure or treatment that we have right now which includes surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and cobalt therapy are all expensive and causes a lot of side effects. But instead of thinking on how to find a new cure for the big C we should also find ways on how to decrease our risk of getting one since cancer is one of the main causes of death worldwide which comes very close to heart disease and diabetes mellitus.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is to schedule a routine general check-up at least once a year. Let us not wait till we feel something that may cause us to worry. It is better to have ourselves checked thoroughly because there are some types of cancer that does not manifest any symptoms at all such as stomach cancer which is one of the most aggressive forms cancer that we have right now.

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Second thing is to develop a complete lifestyle change. In order to achieve this, we have to start eating a balanced diet with the right nutrition and have more time for physical activity. A healthy body will lessen your chances of acquiring cancer cells which normally attack people with a weakened immune system. If you are smoking and a heavy drinker you must gradually cut back till you quit on your vices before it’s too late. Smoking contains nicotine and other chemicals that cause cancer. Too much alcohol consumption increases your risk of getting kidney and liver cancer.

A third thing to remember is to live a stress-free life. Although it’s difficult to say and follow that rule all the time, what it really means is for us to avoid overthinking and learn how to choose our battles in life. We can achieve this if we lessen the number of stressful situations that we would have to go through. Meditation and relaxation also help a lot in terms of improving our mood and keeping us calm. According to studies,  people who are often under a lot of stress and constant pressure have higher chances of getting the dreaded big C because cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment which is very common for stressed individuals.

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