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Looking Out For A Wedding Planner? What to Look Out For

So now that you have your wedding peeking around the corner, of course, it is time to start the biggest organisation process of your life. In fact, unless you work in events as your career, chances are you will not be planning anything else as elaborate. So it is only natural to feel rather overwhelmed by it all, confused about where to start and scared that you might not be able to get everything done by the last day. Well, you now have the option of hiring a wedding planner on board as that will make your life so much easier. Here are a few traits you should look out for.

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Organisational Skills

A wedding planner without organisational skills is like a burger without any filling in it. It is not a burger. Hence, this person is not a planner if they are not organised. It is impossible. A wedding planner must have good organisational skills if they hope to succeed. Every couple wants their day to go off flawlessly, and a hap-hazard wedding planner is not exactly the way to do this. You will have to find some way of testing the planner for this skill, but in one way or another, this is information you must obtain.


Look for a wedding planner that has at least a few weddings under their belt to boast about. You want to be sure that this person has had some exposure to different sorts of setting and environments. Additionally, it also shows they have worked with different people which show their flexibility. They also have a better grip on things like location. For instance, if you want a list of Brisbane wedding venues, a wedding planner will be able to put together something that is more to your taste and requirements.


There is only room for one Bridezilla, so if your wedding planner seems to be getting a little ahead of themselves, after allowing them the benefit of the doubt, you should look for someone else. Someone you can get along with better. They should have a pleasant personality and an approachable attitude. Nobody wants to deal with a grouchy, grumpy wedding planner at all. They should be able to handle stress from all sides without any of it getting to you. You give the instructions, they help execute it.


Naturally, this is going to incur an additional expense, so you had the best check up on how much you can spare for your wedding planner. If you think it would make your life significantly easier, then spending even a little more than you had planned to is completely worth it. Some find it difficult to organise a wedding with their work and other commitments, so it is always a good idea to enlist one then. Compare the rates of several planners, since that will help you make a more informed decision. That way, you can set their experience with their cost side by side and see whether the investment is a sensible one.

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