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Hairstyling Products For Men: Which Ones Are Best?

Is men’s hair very different from women’s?  Well women do have the upper hand of having their hair play a part in harnessing their features and framing their faces. A good haircut and well maintained hair itself for a woman can be a point of admiration and something that adds beauty. However, men on the other hand are not as blessed. Men’s hair will hardly fall to a side or stay spiked up unless a product is used in order for his overall appearance to seem well groomed.  Drugstore aisles as well as saloons have a plethora of products for men to help style their hair from gels and waxes to mousses and it can be a daunting challenge to decide on which one would be best. Have no fear and read on as the following pointers will break down the basics of men’s hair care.

Gel: The Everyday Go To Solution

Hair gel is really the work horse in the product range of men’s hair care solutions.  When applied to hair that is wet, it will hold a style in place plus help to maintain a healthy and shiny appearance. For those who want a bit of firmness in order to make hair more manageable, select a gel which comes with a strong hold but is lighter in application.  For dependable hairdressing products such as Eleven Australia, gents need not fear as the products are made from natural ingredients that will moisten and enrich the natural oils in their scalp follicles. Best of all, the brand has been engineered by gentlemen designers who understand the needs of men.

Hair Cream: For Flexibility

If gentlemen are looking to add an extra glow or shine to their locks then hair cream is the way to go about it. Natural hair creams will not sacrifice one’s natural look but will add a manageable texture to curly or extremely wavy hair that is considered difficult to maintain. Use creams on hair to give flexibility without a greasy after feel or stiffness.

Wax: The New Kid on the Block

Wax is considered a very versatile product by many hairstylists, especially when trying to create a tame to a messy look or for more structured hairstyles. Wax products for hair come in a variety of options such as shiny finish or a matte finish. In order to maintain neatly groomed hair, gentlemen should lightly skim the top of the hair with wax.  A point to remember is that for those who have natural curly hair, wax may not be the best option as it tends to be clumpy. However, as wax is much more versatile than gel it allows users to restyle their hair in whichever manner they prefer.

Fill In With Mousse

Hair mousse is not that popular with men as it is with women. Its foamy nature is capable of coating the entire strand of hair with polymers which contribute to a more puffed up and fuller look. For those who are losing hair or have issues with hair thinning, then mousse could be just the thing to make your hair look much fuller.

With these simple tips above we are sure that your next trip down the hair care aisle will definitely be a breeze. Whether it’s a neater look that you’re going for or just something to keep your hair in check, using the correct product could do wonders for your hair.

Nidia Tetrault