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How To Update Your Wardrobe After A Breast Lift?

A common problem among women after a breast lift is the task of updating their wardrobe. Some clothes that you loved before the surgery may not be suitable for you anymore. This isn’t a major worry to rack your brains about. It is as simple as going out and getting clothes that complement your new look. However, it’ll be helpful to have a few tips in mind before you go on your shopping spree.

Get the Right Lingerie

This is the component of your wardrobe that you definitely have to change. After breast implants the size and shape of your breasts will change. Therefore, you will need to get new lingerie. The general recommendation is to buy bras that offer maximum support for at least the first two months post-surgery. This usually points to sports bras with a back strap and zipper in front. They offer adequate support for your new bra size and are conducive to the process of healing.

Embrace Your New Size

This is something that you have to do before going shopping. Your usual size will most often change with the altered breast size. This is particularly important when buying tight clothes. Therefore, take your new measurements, refer to a size chart and figure out which size you are. This way you won’t run into any surprises during your shopping trip and will save yourself from possible embarrassment.

Understand What Looks Best On Your New Body

The type of clothes that look good on one body type may not look good on another. With increased and lifted breast size, you may have to renew your sense of choice. However, you should already have a slight idea about this since it might have been one of your considerations before getting the surgery. Knowing exactly what you want to buy will help you save time and money on purchasing items that truly enhance your look.

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Don’t Buy Everything Right Away

It is exciting to have a new body shape and to shop for a whole new wardrobe of clothes. However, don’t do all your shopping in one go. Breast surgery will leave your breasts swollen and misshapen for a while. This is only until the healing process is complete. Therefore, your size and shape right after the surgery may not be your long term one. Give it a month or two for you to really figure out how your body is going to look and feel. Therefore, go a little slow on buying things. Now you are more than ready to update your wardrobe. Make sure you give your wardrobe a makeover that it deserves and one that will keep you happy. Think of quality, affordability and comfort when creating your shopping list.

You can even talk to women who have already gone through this process for a bit of helpful input. This way, it’ll be a piece of cake to recreate a beautiful wardrobe that will keep you looking good everyday.

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