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How to set up a cosmetic display

When you are totally into buying makeup products, buying and sampling the makeup is not the main issue. It’s trying to store the entire makeup products. A lot makeup displace drawer will be overrun with all kind of beauty products.  However, organizing these display drawers are quiet easy if its done properly.

 Having one of the makeup displays can give you many benefits. It will not only help you find the products you need but also save money as well by not purchasing duplicates. Before you start with organizing, you have to dump all the cosmetics into a flat surface so you are able to see each and every product. Since digging into a messy drawer will not help you organize.

Get rid of the old and broken

Broken products cannot be used again. However, if your compact powder Is cracked and can be used again, well you basically can gather all that into the compact with the help of little rubbing alcohol so the powder will become a paste. And you can basically use a little knife to flatten it up and leave it overnight. So it will look as good as new. You can also store these compact in makeup drawers where you can find it at acrylic shop Singapore.

Categorize the products always

One of the best thing you could do to not lose your favorite product is by labeling and categorizing it properly. This way you know where exactly you have kept the products. Its always best to separate and keep the products you use often from the products that you use one in a while. So that the products will not get mixed up.  This will also help you in identifying the duplicates you have as well. You can also organize the makeup for each category like every day makeup, duplicates and special occasion makeup.

Set up proper dividers

Adding dividers can actually keep the products in place instead of getting all mixed up. Containers and these dividers are must if you are organizing makeup drawers. You can basically find a lot of assortments and drawers online if you are to buy any. However, you don’t actually have to order acrylic dividers itself. Anything that will act as an divider inside your drawer can actually help  you out to keep things organized. You can even use a kitchen utensil divider if you want to divide the brushes, lipsticks and small compacts. You can also use a pen holder to keep the eyeliners or the eyebrow pencils.

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