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Herbal Remedies for Acne

There are various facial related problems we face regardless of our gender. Usually when we reach a certain age, due to the hormonal changes we find ourselves suffering from complications such as acne. Acne could be a problem for a male or a female ranging from teen years onwards. Even though it is considered as a he problem and a reason for low self-esteem, we need to understand that there are various treatment that are very effective to get rid of acne. Out of the various treatment options, herbal remedies could be considered as one of the effective and economical ways to get rid of acne. Following are some of the effective herbal remedies for acne.


This might not be a common item that is used for many treatment but we see that this aryuvedic herb is becoming popular due to its benefits. Neem contains various compounds that are antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, antiseptic and even anti-inflammatory. These components are very effective in treating conditions such as acne. If you look for organic skin care products Singapore you will be able to find countless number of neem based products that would be very effective to treat your acne. Therefore, if you are looking for herbal remedies for acne, you can try a neem based product to experience results.

Tea tree

This too is a common herb that is used for various reasons. Out of its many benefits, tea tree could be a great herbal remedy for acne. It consists of various antiseptic and anti-inflammatory compounds that promotes a clear skin. Tea tree oil is also known to be one of the herbal remedies with a very few side effects and great results. However, it might take longer than other treatment methods to show proper results. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin, this is a great herbal remedy to try as it has a very few side effects.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Everyone is quite familiar with vinegar but not everyone will have an idea on what apple cider vinegar is. This remedy is made by fermenting apple cider to create vinegar. Vinegar is known to be a substance that has the ability to fight bacteria. Therefore, even apple cider vinegar has several acids that will be able to fight against what causes your acne and provide a solution. You will also be able to reduce the oil in your skin by following using apple cider vinegar treatment to cure your acne. Therefore, this too is an effective way to get clear skin.

Acne could be a major problem and even cause various physical and even mental issues. Therefore, in order to find a solution, you can make use of the above remedies.

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