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My current Clarins faves

Did you know my very first eye cream was from Clarins? I bounced in there (aged 27) thinking, ‘sure aren’t I great starting so young?’ Well! The girl behind the counter soon put paid to that notion. Twenty seven? Twenty seven? I should have been using eye cream for years apparently.

A decade on, I still diligently use Clarins eye creams and I like to think I’ve undone some of the damage of my feckless twenties. So today, I thought I’d share with you a few of the Clarins bits and bobs I’ve been using over the past few months.


Clarins Hydra-Essential Cream
I’ve always identified myself as an oily skin girl. But during a face treatment a few months ago, the facialist suggested I might have dehydrated cheeks. Say whaaat?! Cue hydration panic!

Fortunately, I had a tub of this lovely Clarins Hydra-Essential on the shelf at home to quench my skin. My only gripe is that it’s a tub that you have to put your grubby mitts into rather than a hygienic tube or pump. But apart from that, it’s gentle, sinks in beautifully and really leaves skin hydrated.

Clarins Hydra-Essential Bi-Phase Serum
Oooh bi-phase you say! To be honest, I’ve no idea what that means but it’s doing something – twice – so I’ll take it. It claims to be a serum but is more like a toner or essence, which I’m not crazy about.

What I do like, however, is that it sinks in fast and you can apply your other products straight away. If you’re looking for an effective but lightweight serum, this might be for you.

Clarins Mission Perfection with SPF 15
My thirty-something eyes are brought to you today by Clarins. I can’t even imagine what state I’d be in if I hadn’t nervously asked for an eye cream recommendation from the Clarins counter ten years ago. This daily eye cream with SPF is lovely, lightweight and gives the delicate eye area sun protection.

Clarins Instant Eye Reviver
I use this eye cream at night (no SPF). Again it’s lightweight and gives crepe-y eyes some much needed hydration. Yay!

So ladies, have you tried any of these Clarins lovelies before?

Nidia Tetrault