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An insight to the Korean skin care routine

What is the ‘’wow’’ factor that has made Korean skin care the most celebrated sensation in the industry at present?

Korean skin care is merely not a routine or a procedure, it is a regionalized lifestyle that has been practiced for generations and is now being shared with the rest of the world. In a time that many western beauty regimes have been exhausted it is refreshing to have a new perspective to how we can achieve a clear and flawless skin that the Korean ladies sport.

All I will say is give it a go. Your skin will thank you.

What is the base of theKorean skin care routine?

The Korean skin care routine swears by its oil cleansers that are meant to break down the debris, dust and product that acts as a film to you letting your skin breath on its own while you hit the is meant to resolve one of the most common skin irritation that come in the form of Skin pigmentation Singapore that is without a doubt, one of the most common yet still unresolved dilemmas that we have all had to face.

The Korean routine includes something that is referred to as a double cleanse that translates into as having to use two cleansers, namely an oil based one that breaks down the impurities it has the ability to clear oil based layers and then completes the procedure by using a water based cleanser that removes all deposits such as sweat that will only come off from a water based cleanser.

Come to think of it, it all does make sense now. Right?

What is the recommended frequency to follow the said routine?

Twice daily is ideal. Most often once during the morning and once just before hitting the sack. It is recommended that you follow through in the face and neck area in circular motion allowing it to reach all the areas that can be potentially prone to all the gunk that settles in during a typical day.

What are the most common ingredients in Korean skin care products?

The water based products usually consist of Green tea. Rice extract, pearl extracts and the oil based products are made of macadamia oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil

What is the deal with Korean sheet masks?

 They are probably the first Korean beauty product to break the internet and the honour of doing so belongs to the many beauty bloggers that tried their hand at it in the YouTube platform.

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